Reading-Class Development(K 13:00)

Active reading through predictions


This clip concerns how learners read actively through making predictions. This class is Korean 201.

Reading material in English and Korean

     PDF: Class Development

Background Information

Topic: Reading a story with unexpected plot twists

Goals of the activity

Students will be able to

  1. read, tell, and write a story
  2. read actively through making predictions
  3. use the polite and formal form of the past-tensed verbs correctly

Skill(s) in target: reading, speaking, and writing

Target grammar: the polite and formal form of the past-tensed verbs

Materials: 5 reading strips that are divided before the twists in the story, pictures for new vocabulary, power point presentation, the java scrip timer embedded in the power point presentation file


1. Warming up: The teacher introduces the class goals on the blackboard. Next, the teacher elicits the topic by providing the first parts of four commonly used phrase and encouraging learners to come up with the second part, which is the topic.

2. Main reading activity

1) Step 1: First reading and underline the unfamiliar vocabulary (scanning)

Learners read the first strip and underline the new words

2) Step 2: Second reading and matching the new vocabulary in the story with the pictures as the context

Learners read the first strip again to look for the words depicted by the pictures

3) Step 3: Retelling the strip with the help of pictures

After they finish reading the first strip, they retell the strip with the help of the pictures

4) Step 4: Making predictions (What would happen next?)

Based on their reading comprehension, they make predictions about what would happen next

5) Step 5: Checking their previous predictions through reading the next strip and

Learners have the second strip and steps 1 through 5 are repeated until the last strip

6) Step 6: Retelling the whole story with the help

Learners retell the whole story using the key pictures

7) Step 7: Vocabulary review

Learners are divided into two groups and play a time-constrained game

8) Step 8: Explicit grammar teaching

Learners acquire the target grammar explicitly

3. Wrapping up: The teacher wraps up the class by checking the class goals on the blackboard.

* The reading material was modified from a children’s book, The Paper Bag Princess, which was written by Robert Munsch in 1980. For more information about this book, please go to