Info Gap Activity (7:00)

This video clip shows how to set up an information gap activity for beginners. The topic is soccer and the target structures are various questions about the location of a soccer game, the score, and the winner. It may be helpful to view the details about the lesson at the bottom of this page for more context.

PDF: Information Gap Activities

Background: This is part of a larger lesson focusing on the thematic topic of soccer. These students had already studied WH- questions earlier in the semester.  An information gap activity is used to review question formation as well as vocabulary learned earlier.

Linguistic objective: oral question formation

World Cup schedule
Modified version of the schedule that has different missing information on each version (information gap)

1)  Teacher introduces the idea of a soccer schedule (using World Cup schedule)

2)  Teacher uses an example on the board to elicit the formation of some questions and to model the activity

3)  Teacher passes out activity  (a modified schedule with some missing information) and guides students through how to complete it by acting as one of the partners

4)  Students complete the activity while the teacher monitors and corrects errors