For Teacher Trainers

These raw materials without captions can be used by teacher trainers or even novice teachers. The teacher trainers can use the raw video clips during class and have the pre-teachers generate their own ideas about the teachings in the clips. The novice teachers can watch these raw materials, do ‘self-assessment’ about what they notice in the teachings, and then compare the raw video clips with the captioned ones.


ESL 1 (7:00)

ESL 2 (7:00)

ESL 3 (2:30)

ESL 4 (1:00)

ESL 5 (5:00)

ESL 6 (3:00)

ESL 7 (7:00)

ESL 8 (13:00)

Arabic as a Foreign Language 1 (10:00)

Arabic as a Foreign LanguageĀ  2 (3:00)