Bad Example (3:00)

In this video clip, the teacher demonstrates a poor example of class management by highlighting the importance of utilizing various teaching materials, calling on students in an effective way, focusing on the target structure, and keeping the class engaged in activities. After you watch this video, be sure to compare it to the good example.

PDF: Unsuccessful Class Management

Background Information
Topic: What could have happened?
Target Grammar Rules:
1. could/may/might/must have + past participle
2. could/may/might/must have + been + VERBing
Goal of the activity: Students will be able to use the grammar topic
Targeted Skills: Grammar and Speaking
Materials: Sentence strips where the grammar topic is used
1. The teacher writes several sentences on the board (wasting time).
2. The teacher calls on each student and has the student read each sentence (not the goal of the activity).
3. The teacher corrects the pronunciations, which  is not the goal of the activity.
4. While the teacher is calling on each student and checking their pronunciation, the other students are engaged in such other things as sending text messages, reading a newspaper, chatting in their L1, and showing uninterested facial expressions rather than the activity itself.