Good Example (5:00)

In this video clip, the teacher provides a good example of class management. He utilizes various teaching materials that were created in advance, provides informative demonstration of an activity, calls on students in an effective way, and engages students in a pair work.

PDF: Successful Class Management

Background Information
Topic: What could have happened?
Target rules:
1. could/may/might/must have + past participle
2. could/may/might/must have + been + VERBing
Goal of the activity: Students will be able to use the grammar topic
Target skills: Speaking and Grammar
Materials: Sentence strips where the grammar topic is used
1. On the board, the target grammar topic is written already/ handouts/ books.
2. The teacher shows a clear and quick demonstration of the activity with a volunteer.
3. The teacher has each of student pick a sentence and has them write down their own guess first on the back of the
sentence strip.
4. The students make pairs. Each one in a pair reads the sentence to the other. After listening to the sentence, the listener
creates a sentence using the target grammar topic.
5.  Each pair compares the listener’s sentence with the one on the back of the sentence strip.
6. The teacher can wrap up the class by encouraging a couple of pairs to demonstrate in class.