Peer Correction (3:00)

Peer correction definition: Corrective feedback that is provided by other learners, or peers. Learner-generated repairs can be important in language learning because they indicate that learners are engaged in the learning process actively. (Definition Video)

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Background Information

Topic: Describing the pictures

Goal of the activity: Students will be able to talk about what is going on to the people in the pictures the teacher presents in the class.

Target form: the present progressive tense

Skills in target: Speaking

Materials: the pictures the teacher has or each student likes to share with the class


1. The teacher greets the class and shows a picture he/she chose for the activity.

2. The teacher asks the students what is going on to the people, using this question, “What is a person doing in the picture?”

3. The class answers the questions and the teacher has any classmates or volunteers correct the errors.

4. The teacher lets the class form groups and assigns each group with the roles: correctors or speakers. The roles can be switched, if necessary.

5. If necessary, the teacher provides corrective feedback.

6. At the end of the activity, a group can be encouraged to demonstrate what they did before.