Explicit Correction (2:30)

Explicit correction definition: Clearly indicating that the learner’s utterance was incorrect, the teacher provides the correct form. (Definition Video)

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Background Information

Topic: Talking about your favorite actor/actresses/pets

Goal of the activity: Students will be able to talk about their favorite people such as movie actors and actresses or pets that they want to talk about in class.

Skill(s) in target: Speaking

Materials: the pictures of the entertainer or the pet each student likes

Target form: The agreement between subject and verb, especially when the subject is he/she


1. The class exchanges greetings and the teacher asks the class to bring out the picture of their favorite entertainer

2. The teacher writes down who, what, when, where, how, and why (in separate lines)

3. The teacher shows what activity the class will do by a quick demonstration.

4. The volunteer is holding his/her favorite item and the teacher asks questions using the six words. The volunteer answers the questions.

5. The teacher explicitly corrects the mistakes and the volunteer corrects his/her utterances and keeps going.

6. If necessary, the teacher can ask the class to form groups and encourage them to talk about their favorite entertainers and correct their errors in the same way. The teacher can ask a volunteer group to present their ideas.