Elicitation (3:00)

Elicitation definition: The teacher directly elicits the correct form from the learner by asking questions (e.g., “How do we say that in French?), by pausing to allow the learner to complete the teacher’s utterance (e.g., “It’s a….”) or by asking learners to reformulate the utterance (e.g., “Say that again.”). (Definition Video)

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Background Information

Topic: Talking about their close ones

Goal of the activity: Students will be able to ask their partners about their family members or friends and answer them correctly.

Skills in target: Speaking

Target forms: Questions and answers in the present tense about the third person pronouns such as what does he/she do for a living? Where does he/she live? What is he/she doing now? He/she lives in Okemos, and his/her hobby is scuba-diving.

Materials: close ones’ pictures


1. The teacher greets the students and asks the students if they have brought pictures of their close ones they want to talk about.

2. The teacher has a picture of his/her close one and lets the students ask about the person in the picture using the target form.

3. Using elicitation, the teacher corrects the grammatical mistakes in the students’ questions.

4. The teacher asks a volunteer to talk about a picture of his/her close one and asks the volunteer about the person in the picture.

5. The volunteer answers the teacher’s questions and the teacher corrects the mistakes using elicitation.