Negotiation and Metalinguistic Correction (3:40)


Negotiation: Without providing the correct form, the teacher poses questions or provides comments to try and prompt the learner to express him or herself more clearly.

Metalinguistic Correction: Providing the learner with metalinguistic information about the error they just made, so that the learner is prompted to think about the structures they used. (Definition Video)

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Background Information

Topic: Talking about their traditional items from their hometowns

Goal of the activity: Students will be able to talk about one traditional item from their hometowns.

Skills in target: Speaking

Target form: the use of interrogative pronounces such as “How do you use this?” “What’s this for?” “Where do you put this?” “Who usually uses this?” “When do you use this?” and the answer to the questions like “This is for + gerund or noun”

Materials: the pictures of the traditional item from their homeland or hometown


1. The class exchanges greetings and the teacher asks the students to bring out the pictures of traditional items on the desk.

2. The teacher asks a volunteer about the picture he/she brings.

3. The teacher corrects the volunteer’s mistakes using negotiation and meta-linguistic feedback.

4. The teacher encourages the groups to ask questions using the target words on the board for information about the item.

5. If necessary, the teacher intervenes and provides corrective feedback using the two techniques on target.