Repetition (4:30)

Repetition definition: The teacher repeats the learner’s error and normally adjusts intonation to draw the learner’s attention to it (Definition video)

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Background Information

Topic: Comparing two people for a future spouse

Goal of the activity: Students will be able to compare two things using comparative forms appropriately

Skill(s) in target: Speaking

Target form: A is “the comparative forms of adjectives” than B

Materials: the pictures of two men and women that will be compared for a future spouse


1. The class exchanges greetings and the teacher puts two men and two women on the board.

2. The teacher writes down information the class can think of from looking at each picture.

3. The categories can be name, origin, nationality, age, height, weight, hobbies, where they live, pet peeves, personalities, preference for pets, major, etc.

4. The teacher demonstrates how to use comparative forms to decide who will be his/her/his son’s/her daughter’s/his aunt’s/her uncle’s spouses.

5. The teacher encourages them to talk about this and asks a volunteer to present his/her decision.

6. The teacher corrects his/her mistakes using the repetition technique.

7. The teacher wraps up the activity.