Recast (3:00)

Recast definition: Without directly indicating that the learner’s utterance was incorrect, the teacher implicitly reformulates the learner’s error, or provides the correction. (Definition Video)

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Background Information

Topic: Talking about their favorite movies.

Goal of the activity: Students will be able to talk to each other about their favorite movies they saw in the past.

Skill(s) in target: Speaking.

Target form: The past tense.

Materials: Movie posters, pictures about the movie, printed forms of the websites about the movie, movie tickets.


  1. The teacher greets the students and asks the students if they remember their previous lesson: the past tense. The class responds.


  2. The teacher says the class will talk about a movie they enjoyed watching and let them know they should be careful when they use the past tense.

  3. The teacher asks if they can think of a favorite movie and ask any volunteers to tell the class about it briefly.

  4. Volunteers talk about their favorite movies. When the students make grammatical mistakes concerning the past tense, the teacher uses recast as the corrective feedback technique.

  5. The teacher wraps up the activity and announces a break and the future activity.