Pre-Speaking (K 7:00)

In this video clip, a Korean teacher prepares learners for a role play by using a scrambled reading (ie, a reading that has been put out of order), comprehension questions, and a focus on new vocabulary which will be needed for the listening activity.

Before doing this scrambled reading activity, students had learned the key vocabulary items such as “restaurant” and “bank”. In this activity, they focus on the key expressions for giving directions on the sentence level. The teacher asks comprehension questions to facilitate their understanding of the dialogue on the macro and micro levels. After that, the teacher reviews the key expressions for the role play to follow.

Note: The teacher was not well aware of the students’ proficiency levels as she is not their regular teacher. Therefore, there are some mismatches between the levels of learners and sentences for the scrambled reading.

PDF: Sentence-scrambled task as a pre-speaking activity